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Race! Oil! Chocolate! Llamas’ poop!

Lost in translation:  Latinos  confused about “race” on census forms. It’s actually more of us living in the country than initially thought! (Mercury News) Mexico has nominated Agustin Carstens to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the IMF. Before Carstens’ current stint … Read More »


“Botas picudas” from Matehuala, Mexico, are the new fashion craze! (NPR)* Peru’s presidential candidate, Keiko Fujimori (daughter of former terrorist president Alberto Fujimori) has hired former 9/11 New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani as an adviser. Because we all know … Read More »

Run for the Border! (heading north)

American diplomats abandon Latin America in troves. At a time when there are no US ambassadors in Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador or Bolivia, the Obama administration’s senior diplomat for Latin America is stepping down. (WP) Latin American presidents snub the US … Read More »

Musings from American newspapers

Conservative billionaire leads Chilean presidential elections. Blame it on the kids.  NYT, WSJ. Cuba jails American street peddler outsourced there by the Obama administration. LAT, NYT,  WP. Mexico’s narcos spend their money on wheels with bling. Duh. NYT. Cops kill … Read More »


Brazil beats Mexico and Venezuela in oil production. Cheney plans invasion. (WSJ) Latin Americans dislike Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Latin Americans like better Latin American president Barack Obama. (Winnipeg Free Press) European Union and Latin America agree over bananas. (WSJ,BBC … Read More »

Gone Legal

Mexico City and the Argentinian Patagonia go legal gay, ruining marriage for good Catholics. (LAT, USA Today) Latin America needs to fight the capitalist-imperialists pigs to survive 2010. (The Guardian) Latin America needs to watch more cartoons in English to survive … Read More »

Gone Missing

Mexican authorities have suspended their investigation into the disappearance of a former presidential candidate and party boss Diego Fernandez de Cevallos. The family doesn’t want the authorities to  interfere help with the negotiations. ( U.S. and British diplomats along with some other … Read More »