Happy 40th birthday War on Drugs!

  • Happy 40th birthday War on Drugs!  (Al Jazeera) Even Jimmy Carter agrees we’ve clearly lost. (NYT)
  • Legalizing weed won’t stop the violence south of the border. (NYT) The US government is betting on arming the drug cartels instead. (WSJ)
  • Peruvians in particular, and people of Latin America in general, elect awful communist leaders because “they’re are politically immature. They’re attracted to colorful characters and they don’t know what’s good for them.” (Miami Herald) As opposed to Americans, who elected W. Bush. Twice.
  • Senile presidents-for-life Castro brothers visit Venezuela’s president-for-life Chavez in Cuban hospital to plot taking over the world. It’s just like a Stooges reunion, only with communists.  (AP)
  • Illegal Mexicans burning the country down, says some insane former important person. (Salon, Mi blog es tu blog)
  • Is there anything the Mexicans won’t steal? (Tucson Citizen)


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