Party Like There’s No Mañana!

  • The eighth annual Summer Latino Festival starts today in Northeast Alabama Community College! There will be music and food and sombreros and family portraits! Everybody’s welcome! (Times-Journal) In other news, every guest will be kindly asked to provide proof of citizenship or legal residency. (LA Times)
  • Peruvians get to choose a new president today! it will be either the deranged daughter of  convicted criminal ex president Alberto Fujimori or the communist liberal son of a communist. (Pick your source)
  • Soldiers detained former mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, and  corrupt perverted mother fucker with links to the drug cartels “successful businessman,” Jorge Hank Rhon over lots and lots of illegal weapons. The  Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is very upset: Hank Rhon comes from such a nice family! (Miami Herald)
  • A satanic cult desecrates religious imagery in Venezuela, aided by left-wing extremists. (Reuters)
  • Hispanics are guilty (“KUHL’-pah-blay” – well, actually kool-PAH-bleh, but, whatev) of overcrowding US jails. Why do Hispanics overcrowd everywhere they go? (USA Today)


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