Race! Oil! Chocolate! Llamas’ poop!

Agustin Carstens

  • Lost in translation:  Latinos  confused about “race” on census forms. It’s actually more of us living in the country than initially thought! (Mercury News)
  • Mexico has nominated Agustin Carstens to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the IMF. Before Carstens’ current stint as chief of Mexico’s central bank, he was president Calderon’s finance minister. It was in this capacity that he alone munched trough ALL of Mexico’s financial woes. (Reuters)
  • Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori says her father, former president Alberto Fujimori, never had the “populist attitudes” seen in Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez is “dictatorial.” Alberto Fujimori is in jail for corruption and assassinations. At least dad’s close to the family now. In jail. (AP)
  • Now that his country is broke, Venezuela’s evil communist dictator Hugo Chávez doesn’t hold as much influence in Latin America as he used to. (WP)
  • “Witches broom” wiping out coca crops from Mexico to Brazil. Willy Wonka devastated. (WSJ)
  • Llamas’ poop helped the Incas create the biggest empire in the Americas, until the Spaniards killed them. The Incas. There are still a lot of llamas in Peru. (The Guardian)
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