Musings from American newspapers

  • Conservative billionaire leads Chilean presidential elections. Blame it on the kids.  NYT, WSJ.
  • Cuba jails American street peddler outsourced there by the Obama administration. LAT, NYTWP.
  • Mexico’s narcos spend their money on wheels with bling. Duh. NYT.
  • Cops kill many, many people in Brazil. WP, NYT, LAT.
  • Cuban witches steal human bones from Venezuelan cemeteries. For real. NYT.
  • Ousted Honduran leader, Manuel Zelaya, to stay in the Brazil embassy in Tegucigalpa for ever and ever. Brazilians annoyed. LATNYT.
  • Street vendor “elected” borough delegate in rough Mexico City hood, “Juanito,” forced to resign. “Juanito”  got “elected” by some people, but only if he resigned shortly after, so somebody else, who wanted that job but couldn’t have it at that point for some reason, could take it. But then “Juanito” decided to stay in the job, and then the same people who put him there were angry,  so he took a leave of absence, but then he returned to the job again. In any event, he falsified his birth certificate and now is gone. The end? LAT.
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