Monthly Archives: February 2011


Brazil beats Mexico and Venezuela in oil production. Cheney plans invasion. (WSJ) Latin Americans dislike Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Latin Americans like better Latin American president Barack Obama. (Winnipeg Free Press) European Union and Latin America agree over bananas. (WSJ,BBC … Read More »

Gone Legal

Mexico City and the Argentinian Patagonia go legal gay, ruining marriage for good Catholics. (LAT, USA Today) Latin America needs to fight the capitalist-imperialists pigs to survive 2010. (The Guardian) Latin America needs to watch more cartoons in English to survive … Read More »

Gone Missing

Mexican authorities have suspended their investigation into the disappearance of a former presidential candidate and party boss Diego Fernandez de Cevallos. The family doesn’t want the authorities to  interfere help with the negotiations. ( U.S. and British diplomats along with some other … Read More »