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Dennis Haysbert Now Speaks 'Español'

Who said only Cristina or Don Francisco could endorse your product en español? Dennis Haysbert, whose baritone voice has assured us like, forever, that with Allstate we are in “Good Hands,” now wants you to to know that with Allstate … Read More »

Sony Will Make Sure to Capture Your Smile

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLgOjCuGb4s] Miami and Buenos Aires-based La Comunidad has released a spot for the new Sony Cybershot, featuring the “Smile Shutter,” which automatically captures an image when your subject smiles – without having to press the shutter. Watch, enjoy and leave … Read More »

You Would Have to be Weird not to Like this Car

Watch as an apparently normal woman expresses drives around in a Honda only to conclude the Honda Civic is not that great (and then reach out with her tongue to catch a fly.) Watch, enjoy, leave your comments! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1hVvQf7Jc4] Client: … Read More »

Thanksgiving en Español Arrives at Macy's

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT1ADkLe2m8] Client: Macy’s Agency: The Vox Collective Original Music: Roman Rojas

Pine Sol Puts Cleaning Fragrances to Work

The Clorox Company on Monday (Nov. 16) is set to launch nationally a new campaign touting the cleaning power of Pine Sol. The “Get to work” campaign -via Alma DDB– consists of a series of spots featuring scent-based characters (“Limón … Read More »

How a Trash Can in California 'Got it All'

Here’s a :30 spot -in Spanish- pitching Lotto Scratchers that give players a second chance to win. The same spot is also available in English via the same Hispanic shop, Casanova Pendrill Publicidad, Inc. Watch, enjoy and leave your comments. … Read More »

Allstate Wants Latinos to Know They are in Good Hands

Here are two recent spots (“Hands” and “Foul”) for Allstate via Chicago-based Lápiz. These are only part of a bigger campaign tying Allstate’s three-year sponsorship of the Mexican National Team. Allstate this year received the grand prize award in the … Read More »

KFC Wants Latinos to Know That Eating Junk Food is Better, Cheaper than Cooking at Home

Watch as a Hispanic mom challenges her kids to cook a 7-piece meal under $10 and then -wisely- conclude they are all better off eating junk, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because, really, how else are you going to feed your increasingly … Read More »

V-me Launches Promo for 'En Pantalla'

Spanish-language network V-me this week launched En Pantalla, a weekly show featuring the latest movie news and reviews and hosted by former Univision reporter Jack Rico. Here is the trailer running this week on V-me. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUBA3B_Rks4]

Corzine Taps Bob Menendez to Court Hispanic Voters in New Jersey

New Jersey’s governor Jon Corzine this week released its first Spanish-language TV spot, featuring Senator Bob Menendez. Watch Menendez talk to the camera, while Corzine is seeing talking to a group of indistinct Hispanic people in the background, until he … Read More »