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KFC Wants Latinos to Know That Eating Junk Food is Better, Cheaper than Cooking at Home

Watch as a Hispanic mom challenges her kids to cook a 7-piece meal under $10 and then -wisely- conclude they are all better off eating junk, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because, really, how else are you going to feed your increasingly … Read More »

One NFL Star, Two Different Sets of Actors Star in New IHOP TV Spot

The following spots began running earlier this month featuring Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, as part of IHOP‘s sponsorship of the NFL. Watch carefully, as the Spanish-language version is not merely a voice-over of the English-language one. Some of the actors, … Read More »

Meet Abraham Suarez… in All-Bran Commercial

Here is a hilarious commercial (running only in Mexico -for now) pitching strawberry-filled All-Bran bars. The spot is via Leo Burnett Mexico. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-Cn3f1L17I&]

Taco Bell Foundation Launches Push to Promote Graduation Among Teens

Dallas-based Dieste this month released a series of Spanish -and English-language spots pitching Taco Bell Foundation for Teen‘s effort to help youth graduate. In a nutshell, the promotion includes the donation of 15% of Taco Bell’s gross sales to help promote … Read More »

Impostor Chickens Make Debut in 'Premios'

It looks like the presidential message during Univision’s Premios lo Nuestro on March 26 was not the only new thing going on at the awards ceremony. Several companies took advantage of the highly-rated to program to showcase their newest creative … Read More »

'Cinco Dólares' is Subway's Message, in Spanish Too

I just saw this spot on Univision, although I don’t think it’s new. The spot is exactly the same running in the English-language market; it’s just that the copy -and music- has been translated into Spanish. If you have additional … Read More »

This Gum is So Fresh, You'll Do Almost Anything

This spot won a bronze award at last year’s Advertising Age Hispanic creative awards. Created by Dallas-based Dieste for Hershey Co.’s Ice Breakers Cubes, the spot features a humorous exchange between a young couple who is about to get married. … Read More »