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Mexican Independence Celebrations are Here… Stay Safe, my Friends. Wear a Mex Mask!

I know we cannot wait for all the food, drinking and piñatas coming our way this September, but the pinche coronavirus is still with us, people, so please plan accordingly and #WearADamnMask.   Read More »

Biden Campaign Launches the ‘Todos con Biden’ Salsa Because Latinos Love to Salsa

If you have been paying attention, you’ll know by now that Latinos understand things better if they come in the form of music, whether it is to inform us about the perils of coronavirus; to let us know how great … Continue reading
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Act Now! The Grammatically-Challenged ‘Latinos for Trump’ T-Shirts Are Now on Sale

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This is What I Think about Deport Racism’s Cursing Kids Video Against Trump

Democratic Latino political group Deport Racism this week released a profanity-laced video (below) featuring a bunch of otherwise adorable kids denouncing Donald Trump by calling him things like racist fuck, racista de mierda and other not-so-adorable things. The campaign, says the group, is a “justified attack for a … Continue reading Read More »

Why Does NASA Have to Copy Everything from the Mexicans?

As if I didn’t know where the space agency’s shuttle crews get their inspiration for such colorful suits… From here: Photo composition: Laura Martinez (All rights reserved) LOL Read More »

Dear MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe:’ It’s Colombia, Not Columbia

So… Upon hearing about the exclusive coverage of El Trumpo’s first radio ads, I promptly went to MSNBC’s Morning Joe to see what the whole fuss was all about. Alas, I was not even able to hear what I’m sure was … Continue reading Read More »

‘Tamales en Bolsita:’ Because Nothing is Sacred Anymore

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Google Translate Welcomes you to the ‘Clitoris Festival’

Well, this was awkward. Officials in the small Galician town of As Pontes wanted to invite Spanish-speakers to a festival celebrating one of its culinary traditions, the grelo or rapini (aka as broccoli rabe.) But, since apparently nobody in the 11,000-town spoke any Spanish, festival organizers turned … Continue reading Read More »

Because, How Else Were You Going to Illustrate a Story about Mexico’s Internet Law?

God knows I’m all up for wearing sombreros and stuff, but come on! Screenshot: Laura Martínez Read More »

German Wins Mexico Grand Prix; Celebrates the Only Way Possible: Drinking, Donning Sombrero

Blogger’s Note: Please limit your “he-must-apologize” rhetoric within the U.S. territory  ¡Ajúa! Via: BBC Sports   Read More »