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Retrato de dictador en su salsa

¡Un tamal mal amarrado! Parece un tamal, el pobre,  con su pulsera de cobre,  el pulóver apretado,  la policía a su lado  y él, envuelto en la bandera,  con su panza cervecera, disfrutando el despelote, dictando palo y garrote  contra … Seguir leyendo
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Just Say ‘Gracias’ and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

This blogger will be taking some time off to embark on a food and drink rampage spiritual retreat to plan for the year ahead and thank my paisanos for all the hard work and for enduring stuff like this, this and this on a daily basis. Also, I wanted you to … Continue reading
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RIP Diego Maradona

Football legend Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60, multiple media reported on Wednesday, November 25. This blogger was hoping the reports were false but at the time of this writing it looked like it had been confirmed. … Continue reading
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Old El Paso Launches ‘Tortilla Pockets’ for People who Know Nothing about Tortillas –or Tacos

Remember Old El Paso? Well, the General Mills’ owned brand is back in the news, now with the launch of “Tortilla Pockets Kits,” because apparently their target consumers are too dumb to eat a regular taco made with real tortillas. … Continue reading
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YOU GUYS! The Concha AirPods Case Is Here…

…and I’m buying it as we speak, because what else is there to do in these times of crisis, pandemic and uncertainty? Via: Read More »

¡Dios Mío! There is a Latino Cards Against Humanity

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Fitz Games has launched a party game targetting Latinos (or, as they like to call them now, the Latinx community.) Called ¡Dios Mío! the game comes on the heels of other creations … Continue reading
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The Coronavirus Corrido Is Here and it Was Inevitable

It took Alan y Roberto (a Mexican duet) barely two hours to write a corrrido dedicated to the coronavirus, but the song is on its way to become a YouTube hit. “I told him we are going to make a … Continue reading
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Biden Beats Trump and this Is the Tabloid Cover for the Ages

I’ve spent many, MANY, years on this blog trying to explain “Latin things” or “Mexican things” to a mostly monolingual, crowd and I believe I’ve been pretty good at it. Until now. The above cover by a Mexican tabloid perfectly … Continue reading
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Elon Musk Launches Teslaquila, a Tesla-branded Tequila, Because 2020 Is not Ridiculous Enough

As if I needed another reason to despise Elon Musk, the annoying mogul has officially launched Teslaquila, a Tesla-branded liquor that can be yours for “only” $250. The first time I heard of Teslaquila was back in April 2018, because … Continue reading
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Why I’ll Never Get a Job in Mexico

This fine Mexican salon is hiring a stylist who won’t show up hungover at work –and I’m running out of options, here!
Photo via Reddit
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