Let’s throw an ethnic baby shower!

We’ve already been blessed by the 5 de Mayo Barbie and K’mart’s Ethnic Dolls, but nobody is more eager to fill the urgent need to help the self-esteem of countless minority tykes like Dolls Like Me, what with all those “Multicultural Toys & Gifts for Every Hue.”

(For the Latino market, Dolls Like Me released the Friends Forever Reina Doll a couple of years ago. Sadly, its manufacturers “discontinued production.” But despair not! Now they’re selling the remaining inventory at a discount, which you can get here.)

Now Dolls Like Me wants your baby to feel loved and at home before he/she pops out, by offering a new Celebrate in Color Deluxe Baby Shower Party Pack w/Camera. The impressive collection features theme plates, napkins, cups, confetti and the like, along with Baby Shower Scratch Ticket Game (24 Players), a camera and (24) 1″ Black Baby Table Favors (hopefully not real babies).

I can’t wait for the Latino theme party favors! Which will probably be as crapy as the ones for African Americans, only maybe instead of the Scratch Ticket Game it will include actual NY lotto scratch games and instead of the camera, a piñata. You have to have a piñata.

Hat tip: Laura Martinez

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