Democracy in action: Let The People Speak About Aliens!

Former Washington Post journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas has “outed” himself as an undocumented immigrant from Mexico the Philippines in The New York Times magazine. The piece is beautifully written and can be read here.

I don’t have anything to contribute to the story, but other outlets do! And those outlets are read by people who also have lots to say! To illustrate the higher intellectual level of those conversations, let me  share with you some of the comments posted on other stories about Vargas’ story.

Editors’ note: This selection is totally unscientific and biased. I excluded the NYT Magazine’s comments because they’re mostly nice. I also excluded very long rants because who has the time to read that much crap? Although some of the rants are funny, I stuck to the shortest and sweetest, Haiku-like remarks.

From Salon:

“How could he win an award?
Obviously he “took” the Pulitzer from a deserving American…

This is a taunt
It’s a line in the sand. This is the Liberals saying “Fuck you, there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. You either accept illegal immigrants, or come and get this wonderful man who has spent a lifetime working in Liberal elite society and making connections among the Liberal elite.”
It’s a taunt. He should be fucking deported immediately. Fuck him.
—Mr. Handsome

Mr. Handsome
Do you want to fuck him before or after he’s deported? I’ll bet you it’s both, you repressed little Nazi piece of shit.

fuck him, Fuck Him, FUCK HIM!!!
No, Mr. Vargas, you are NOT an American, any more than I would be a Frenchman if I took a 20 year sojourn in Paris. You are a Fillipino who was snuck into this country as a child and who, upon having much success here, decided to stick around. You took staff positions at major newspapers that could have (and I’m betting would have) gone to talented and deserving native-born Americans, or at least naturalized citizens who came here legally.
You’re a fraud, and I hope they deport your pathetic ass right back to fucking Manila, where you’ll be able to enjoy explaining your subtrefuge (and it’s self-hating implications) to your countrymen and women for many years to come. Best of luck to you.
—Oedipus Schmoedipus

Not sure what he thinks to accomplish
We tend to think of illegal immigrants as landscapers and dishwashers, doing jobs we don’t want to do. That is, in fact, one of the arguments often used for letting them stay here. But you can’t throw a rock in this country without hitting a writer who is unemployed or under employed.
Odds are that there is an American writer who is just as smart and talented as Vargas flipping burgers somewhere.

And there is a lot of shit going on in Mexico right now. His country needs him.

How, exactly, is coming out as an illegal immigrant who took a good job from an American supposed to help his cause?

Hey mattwa
He’s Filipino, not Mexican.

From National Review Online:

Hayne Crum
He should be immediately deported. It is unfair, but it is the law.

So is rich journalist one of those jobs illegal immigrants take that Americans don’t want.
Remember that is also one of the lefts arguments in favor of immigration. But I’m sure if we deport him there will be an American citizen quite happy to take his job.
Also the left says that in economics for someone to make money they must take it from someone else. So Vargas takes money away from Americans by being here. So therefore we should have a tax of 100% of his assets to be given to poor Americans and he can live off his native county’s government. After all as a member of the left he agrees its really the governments money anyway

barbie boxer
We can assume that Vargas participated illegally in all of the privileges of an actual United States citizen, including voting, use of public education and infrastructure, and access to the US job market.
We Dont Need No Stinkin’ Pulitzer Prize Flouting criminal illegal aliens stealing American Jobs.

From Slate:

susan S
He’s no better than the millions of Mexicans who are in American jails for various crimes and they list themselves as “white” when they get into trouble, and “Native American” for free benefits, and “hispanic” when it suites their latino needs. Just a bunch of liars and tricksters. Nothing we need more of in America. We might have freeloaders here who are citizens, but we cannot address them until we get the mass invasion of mexicans under control first. Then we can work on the interior of this country.

No enforcemant = no borders = no nation
maybe the author didn’t realize what no immigration policy actually means – anarchy

From NPR (Blog):

Chris Wilson (Elroydb) wrote:
Lets punish the Washington Post for outsourcing high paying journalist work to cheap foreign labor willing to work long hours for less pay. They’re killing American jobs

From HuffPost:

Deport him. There’s no “Pulitzer Prize winner” exception to the law. We can’t pick and choose which illegal aliens to deport. Besides, he was a part of a group who won the Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles they wrote. He didn’t win it all by himself.

From former employer Washington Post:

WaPo knowingly hires and abets illegals and they should be prosecuted just like the Chipotle restuarant chain.
Prosecute WAPO NOW for BREAKING AMERICAN LAWS. I wanna see those arrogant pro-illegal-alien butt-kissers doing the perp walk!!!!

From CNN (Blog):

US Citizen

You are a criminal! GET OUT!!!

Vargas is proof, after reading the comments of this article, that most illegals are smarter than U.S. Citizens.

No, YOU are what is wrong with the USA, you and your bleeding heart. Illegal means illegal, nothing more, nothing less…and please don’t try and play the racism card because I AM a Hispanic American. I don’t hate Mexicans, I hate people that break the law and those that facilitate and encourage said breaking of the law such as yourself.

So if you’re a proud Mexican your name should be Juan not John, Moron!!!

of note..he is from the Phillipines, not Mexico, please don’t confuse that as NOT ALL mexicans are illegal.

You actually think they spend their money here? Mexico‘s economy would collapse if the illegals stopped sending their money there. It is the bigget part of their economy. Your a moron.

Let’s keep him and trade five Welfare abusing, lazy, freeloading Americans, with no appreciation what this country truly offers for him! I have some candidates right in my neighborhood!




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