A Match Made in Heaven

Peru’s presidential candidate, Keiko Fujimori (daughter of former terrorist president Alberto Fujimori) has hired former 9/11 New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani as an adviser. Because we all know how great a  candidate he was when he ran for president in 2008!

Giuliani’s visit to Peru has not been widely reported in the American mainstream media, probably because not many people care about Giuliani any more or know where Peru is.

But some people in the region do care. El Comercio titles an interview with the former mayor, “Rudolph Giuliani: Se necesita una policía honesta y fuerte” (An Honest and Strong Police Force is Needed), which immediately brings to mind Giuliani’s own  police commissioner and BFF, who’s awaiting trial on several federal charges. In the interview, however, America’s favorite mayor fails to mention 9/11. Not even once. So I guess he deserves an award or something.

On the other hand, César Romero, from Peru’s La República, writes in an editorial:

Rudolph Giuliani tiene el gran cartel de haber pacificado Nueva York, pero sus carísimas recetas en las ciudades de Latinoamérica donde se ha buscado replicar el modelo, como Republicana Dominicana, México, Sudáfrica, Honduras  y otras, solo han resultado en restricciones a las libertades de los más pobres, en beneficio de las clases más pudientes, pero la delincuencia continúa igual.

Never mind that Romero includes South Africa as one of the Latin American “cities,” along with Mexico, Honduras and Dominican Republic, among others, where Giuliani has been hired. The gist of his op ed, in English, is that Rudy’s expensive recipes for Latin American cities have only benefited the very rich in detriment of the freedoms of the very poor, while crime levels have remained the same. What a coincidence! His policies did the same wonders for New York City!

Giuliani will be in Peru only for a few days, enough to solve that country’s problems, as he has solved the world’s problems consistently since 2001.

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