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Bathtub Media Twitter Challenge

Who can explain this week’s Reflections of Comrade Fidel in 140 characters or less:

When Words are Unjustly Used

Cingular Wireless is offering a new and intriguing international calling plan for Spanish-speaking Latinos. According to a bilingual flier, callers must apply “fair use” (“uso justo”) to their phones in order to take advantage of cheaper international dialing rates.

Libro de bolsillo


Libro de bolsillo. Nadie más que tú y yo sabemos las horas que hemos pasado suspirando secuencias en el tren, en los aeropuertos, en los ascensores de las compañías más grandes que la vida misma, en los baños putrefactos de … Read More »

A New State Is Born…

It took a bit longer than many would have liked, but California is (almost) back to being Mexican. This week the U.S. Census confirmed Hispanics are about to overtake whites as the largest minority in California. So this blogger is suggesting a sligh… Read More »

You, Too, Can Smuggle Your Own Immigrants!

Move over, cucaracha-stomping Mariachi: The new onda app right now is Smuggle Truck, an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to drive a truck full of immigrants through the dessert and try not to have them tossed out in the process. Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, developed by Owlchemy Labs in Boston, is set for […] Read More »

Un pez de día para el plátano perfecto

El jueves en la noche mi hija PZ, de quince años, leyó “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” y bajó de su cuarto —transfigurada por el suicidio de Seymour Glass y la alquimia de J. D. Salinger— a darme la noticia. Una de las ventajas de tener descenden… Read More »

Watch Out for Your Hands

No trespassing violators will be De-handed

Wanna Live at The Dakota? Hispanics Need Not Apply

Every time I walk by New York City’s famous Dakota building, I cannot help but think about Lennon, Ono, Bacall and Bernstein. But for some reason not many Hispanics come to mind… And now I finally know why: In a recent New York Times article about Dakota tenant Alphonse Fletcher and his ongoing fight with […] Read More »

Musings from American newspapers

Conservative billionaire leads Chilean presidential elections. Blame it on the kids.  NYT, WSJ. Cuba jails American street peddler outsourced there by the Obama administration. LAT, NYT,  WP. Mexico’s narcos spend their money on wheels with bling. Duh. NYT. Cops kill … Read More »