Monthly Archives: September 2009

Corzine Taps Bob Menendez to Court Hispanic Voters in New Jersey

New Jersey’s governor Jon Corzine this week released its first Spanish-language TV spot, featuring Senator Bob Menendez. Watch Menendez talk to the camera, while Corzine is seeing talking to a group of indistinct Hispanic people in the background, until he … Read More »

The Ad Council Wants you to Acknowledge the Importance of Numbers

The following two spots (Airplane and Time) were among this year’s winners of Advertising Age’s Hispanic Creative Awards. Both are via New York-based The Vidal Partnership for client Ad Council. Watch, enjoy, leave your comments. [youtube=] [youtube=]

One NFL Star, Two Different Sets of Actors Star in New IHOP TV Spot

The following spots began running earlier this month featuring Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, as part of IHOP‘s sponsorship of the NFL. Watch carefully, as the Spanish-language version is not merely a voice-over of the English-language one. Some of the actors, … Read More »

Large Family, a Frog and a Cute Boy Star in These VW Routan Spots

Here are two great spots showcasing the wonders of VW’s Routan family vehicle. The spots, Frog and Spill, were produced for both, the Hispanic and the general market, by Miami-based CreativeOnDemand. Watch, enjoy and please leave me your comments! [youtube=] … Read More »