MTV: If You Like Shit, Everybody Might Like it

This ad ran in Latin America, but I decided to include it here not only because I think is great but because one of its general creative directors, Diego Castillo, is also a creative director at Austin, Texas-based LatinWorks.


Advertising Agency: Brother Buenos Aires – Escuela de Creativos
General Creative Directors: Diego Castillo, Ricardo Corsaro
Regional Director: Mauro Suárez
Creative Directors: Daslav Maslov, Ricardo Salamanca, Carlos Muller, Pato del Sante
Art Directors: Román Palma, Maximiliano Preciado
Copywriters: Cynthya Villa Soto, Rodrigo Gismera
Production Company: Tamango Films
Directors: Juan Cordoni, Luciano Panei
Executive Producer: Agustín Rehermann
Post Production: Post House
Sound Design: Jorge Espinal
Apparel: Marina Besada
Actors: Eloi González, Alejandro Orlandoni, Gastón D´angelo

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2 Responses to MTV: If You Like Shit, Everybody Might Like it

  1. Marcelo says:

    It is a shitty spot, seems written by 3 year olds for 3 year olds.

  2. Roman Vysotsky says:

    Marcelo, why you think so?

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