Monthly Archives: April 2009

Taco Bell Foundation Launches Push to Promote Graduation Among Teens

Dallas-based Dieste this month released a series of Spanish -and English-language spots pitching Taco Bell Foundation for Teen‘s effort to help youth graduate. In a nutshell, the promotion includes the donation of 15% of Taco Bell’s gross sales to help promote … Read More »

For Those Who are Close to Soccer. Real Close

Here are three executions for ESPN Deportes via the network’s agency of record, Austin, Tx.-based LatinWorks. Watch Ola, Técnico and Himno. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] Client: ESPN Deportes Agency: LatinWorks Creative direction: Sergio Alcocer Direction: Fatty Iastrebner- Pablo Izaguirre

Corridos, Small People Star in Jack in The Box Ad

Jack in the Box has chosen a typical Mexican corrido for the Spanish-language version of one of the spots pitching mini sirloin burgers to the Spanish-speaking crowd. [youtube=] Watch the original, English-language spot below. Which do you prefer? [youtube=]

Voto Latino's 'La Pasión' Wins Webby Award

La Pasión de la Decisión, the 5-part voter registration video campaign launched by Voto Latino to mobilize Hispanics to vote in 2008, this month was awarded a Webby Award, joining the ranks of a group of industry leaders including Amazon, … Read More »

Tecate's 'Con Carácter' Campaign Has New Spots

Following up on the ‘Con Carácter’ campaign launched earlier by Tecate via Adrenalina, here are the latest spots, currently running on Spanish-language TV. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to leave your comments.) [youtube=]

Tecate Beefs Up Marketing Campaign 'Con Carácter'

Tecate, the Mexican beer brand and division of FEMSA/Heineken USA, is launching a new ad campaign that depicts Americans who have immigrated north from Mexico as iron-willed men “con carácter” who work hard to take care of their families and … Read More »

What Makes a Princess Cry… Every Month?

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) this week launched a new Spanish-language television campaign, featuring two fully-animated spots, Sad Princess and Medusa. Created and produced by Grupo Gallegos, the spots highlight two benefits of drinking milk: relieving  premenstrual syndrome (Sad … Read More »

Michael Bloomberg Kicks Off Hispanic Effort With :30 Spot in Heavily Accented Spanish

According to my friends at Politica Pop, Michael Bloomberg has already spent more than $3 million to stay four more years in office, of which some undisclosed amount is destined to attract Hispanic New Yorkers. Here is one of what … Read More »

Donate Your Organs. Don't Let Maggots Have Their Way

Not only there is an agency in California that boasts the great name of Beans 2 Beans, but it has done some quirky commercials, like these ones pitching organ donation. Watch and leave us your comments! (See song translation at … Read More »

Telefutura 42 Warns About Digital Transition

Telefutura’s Nashville affiliate has tapped General Manager Eric Álvarez to warn viewers about the new date for the digital transition. [youtube=]