Taco Bell Knows The Importance of Change

What would you rather do with some spare change? Use it on the jukebox to play you and your girl’s favorite song or… save it for something more meaningful? Dallas-based Dieste has the answer in this :30 spot for client Taco Bell.

[wpvideo 43RpSYmk]     

CCO: Carlos Tourne
CD: Roberto Saucedo
CW: Saul Dominguez, Ignacio Romero
AD: Jesus Acosta
Producer: Angel LaRiva
Account Dir: Victoria Petrella
Acc. Sup.: Celina Garcia
Traffic: Amanda Harmel
Prod Co: Boxer Films
Director: Jim Zoolalian
DP: Steve Kenneston
Editorial: RedCar Dallas-Keith James
DI: CO3-Mike Pethel
Sound design: Lime Studios-Sam Casas
Client: Taco Bell-Shannon Quinn, Maggie Reyna

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