¡Creativos del Mundo [Hispano] Uníos!

Welcome to La Sala de la Tele, the only place in the Internet where you will be able to see what’s new, what’s good, what’s not so good and what really sucks in Spanish-language TV advertising. The idea here is to have you, agency heads and creative directors, share with me your latest TV work and help me create the first, one-stop library of Hispanic TV spots. Once we accumulate a decent amount of spots, you’ll be able to drop by and share your thoughts about your own and your peers’ work.

This is by no means a contest or competition (we have Ade Age’s Hispanic creative awards for that.) The idea is simple: to create an “opinionated” library of TV spots which we’ll be able to access all the time.

If things gets as exciting as I’m sure they will, we can then expand it to include print and online work to the mix. In the meantime, help me start off by sharing with me your latest TV work.

¿Quieren jugar?


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