Bathtub Media is a media professionals collective with an interest in Latino media and culture.  We aim to entertain, inform and provide a home for Latino media professionals (and those who love us).

The bloggers, columnists and guest-writers featured here come from diverse backgrounds, geographically and professionally:  journalists, translators, media and advertising creatives and producers, a Dominican playwright from New York who moonlights as an environmental lawyer, a Cuban philosopher and translator for the cosmetic industry, a musician from Spain who lives inexplicably in New Jersey, a New York based, Mexican journalist and bloguera extraordinaire, a guy we picked up from Penn Station in New York, and well, you get the picture. What we have in common is that we have spent years of our lives toiling in the Latino world on this side of the border and beyond. And we’re still doing it.

This is just the beginning. With time, we’re planning to add a job bank, more columns and more guest writers. Come by often. You don’t know what you might find. That’s truly a good bet since we don’t know either. But whatever it is, we look forward to sharing it with you.

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